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HELLO! Because there have been so many nice people on tumblr who have been helping me to get all these event pokémons and stuff and I know how hard it i get these mons, now is your change. I am doing giveaway. Changes what you can get you can see up.

Rules are:

  • You don’t have to follow me. 
  • I only count reblogs.
  • Please, don’t be greedy, if you really don’t need them, give change to someone else.
  • No giveaway-only-blogs.
  • I will allot three winners: 1st person will get two of the these pokémon of their choice, 2nd will choose one from left ones and 3th will get one which is left.
  • Giveaway ends 24th January
  • Be sure your askbox is open, if is not I will draw another winner in 24hours.

(Source : kilipukki)

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